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NorthWest Graphic Works has spent years developing production capabilities to form-fit the needs of our customers. While technology has contributed greatly to automating the wholesale production process, there still remains an art to screen printing that we hold dear.

Our screen printing process involves several steps before actually getting to the point where we can begin applying ink to the garment. Each color requires a process to burn or develop a screen or stencil. Although this translates to setup work for each color, our technology and equipment at NorthWest Graphic Works allow
 us to accomplish the job quickly and efficiently.

Screen printing is the foundation of how NorthWest Graphic Works was built in Hood River, Oregon and remains our primary focus.

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Corporate Uniforms and Company Clothing

If you are looking for promotional clothing, we offer Both digital and screen printing on Tee-Shirts. Thanks to our highly advanced t-shirt screen printer, we can provide quality designs and bold prints. We join hands with corporate personnel who need clothing printing services for their teams. From designing top-class printing uniforms to speed delivery of Corporate T-Shirts, we serve our clients with the most reliable services.

If you have an event coming up and need quality screen printing on tees, connect with us. We offer free design services to our clients and help them make the best T-shirts for their events.

Whether you need a single t-shirt screen printing design or a bulk one, we will give you the best of our services at an affordable rate. Our print quality is top-notch as we use highly advanced screen printers in our screen print shops. So, you can only expect the best prints and designs from our side. No Minimum Order -No Setup - You can place an order for one T-Shirt. There is no minimum order requirement. We embrace both corporate and individual clients equally. So, whether you want to present a custom T-shirt gift to your loved ones or need custom T-Shirts for events, No order is big or small for us.


Screen Printing for Your Events



Plastisol is a semi liquid substance which can be converted into a solid plastic simply by heating, consisting of particles of synthetic resin dispersed in a nonvolatile liquid. Plastisol ink pigment sits on top of the fabric rather than integrating into it. It's historically one of the most common printing processes because it's user friendly and can work on just about any type of fabric. The down side is that its typically a thicker print. This is one of the main reasons water-based ink has such a soft feel and is becoming more and more desirable for printing onto fashion blanks. If you are looking to create soft custom t-shirts, water-based ink will give you the softest print possible.

Water-based ink is used by taking a clear base and adding pigment. The water evaporates in the drying process leaving just the pigment color. The ink pigment then migrates into the fabric allowing for a very soft hand feel. While this is great for light garments, water based ink is not very opaque so it does not work well for dark fabrics unless you are using a base white or add the discharge agent to active the pigment and dye the threads of the garment.


Water Based Inks

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